Being the only German-speaking institution specialized in Islamic Banking/Islamic Finance that we promote from a general economic as well as Islamic and academic perspective. Providing and developing products for the retail- market through the introduction of adequate products in the fields of investment and benefits. Consulting financial institutions- which consider the international mega trend of Islamic Banking/Islamic Finance is one of our main tasks.

In so many pro bono events about Islamic economic ethics in various Islamic centers the question about investments, which are conform to the economic legal ruling within Islam, is repeatedly asked over and over again.

Undoubtedly, the demand is there, and yet the current range of products is marginal. IFIBAF informs and consults all concerned parties within the area of Islamic Banking to enable golden opportunities.

Since the subject of Islamic Banking/Islamic Finance is connected to the social components, it is our goal to use the economy as a bridge for a better mutual understanding in our global village. Within times and regardless of financial crisis, the intercultural dialog will also serve to provide what is needed for the demanded connection of ethics and economy. Hereby the Islamic world has unique and valuable perspectives and concepts to offer.

Mutual respect for the existing cultural diversity and the knowledge of the shared values should be the basis for the social and economical cooperation in the so-called globalized world. Basically, in this way the common good can be achieved.

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Workshop "Qualified Islamic Finance Consultant"  24th -27th March 2012 in Dubai



IFIBAF regularly shares the information, knowledge and development of Islamic Finance within the area of Islamic Banking.

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