EVENTS 2012:

  • Qualified Islamic Consultant Workshop in Dubai
    24th - 27th March, Dubai Program

EVENTS 2011:

  • Islamic Finance in Europe
    IFN 2011 Issuers & Investors Europe Forum

    7th - 8th July, London, Great Britain Program
  • Islamic Finance for German private customers
    27th May, Leipzig,Germany Program
  • 14th German Arab Business Forum
    11th - 13th May, Berlin, Germany Program
  • Islamic Banking
    11th. May, Mainz, Germany Program
  • Arabia awakes - Merhaba!
    Political and economical
    collaboration between orient and occident.
    12th - 13th April, Frankfurt, Germany Program
  • HSBC-IFIBAF-Webinar:
    Scharia-compliant Fonds - not only for Muslims!
    Webmeeting 08th April, 10.00 - 10.45 a.m.
    For further details see
  • World Islamic Finance Conference
    'Accelerating Islamic Finance Growth; Bridging Boundaries'
    28th - 29th March 2011, London, Great Britain Program
  • Week of Islam Berlin 2011
    23rd March 2011, Berlin, Germany Program
  • 5. MFOS-Frauentreffen Switzerland
    20th Mrch 2011, Trimbach, Switzerland Program
  • Current Challenges and Dynamics faced by the Islamic Primary Bond Market and the Impact on International Investor Interest
    18th March 2011, London, Great Britain Program
  • Economy and Ethics in Islam
    13th März 2011, Stuttgart, Germany Program

  • Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance - "Brückenbau zwischen der islamischen und konventionellen Finanzwirtschaft"
    18. February 2011, Stuttgart, Germany Program

  • Was vom Wucher übrigbleibt - Workshop zu Geschichte und Gegenwart des Zinsverbots in kulturvergleichender Perspektive
    10./11. February 2011, Münster, Germany Program
  • Workshop on “Islamic Finance Opportunities in Germany”

    25. January 2011, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Program
  • Islamic Finance: A Developing Market
    20. January 2011, London, Great Britain Program
  • Die Wirtschaft - ein moralfreier Raum?
    12. January 2011, Karlsruhe, Germany Program


EVENTS 2010:
  • KontroVers - Disputation on religion and society
    Faith and Economics: Which use of money is serving men?

    01. December 2010, Dresden, Germany Program
  • Islamic-Finance-Day within the Euro-Finance-Week
    18. November 2010, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Berliner Börsenkreis:
    Islamic Finance / German Mid-Cap-Financing
    09. November 2010, Berlin, Germany  Program

  • Banks and migrants
    29. October 2010, Milan, Italy 
  • Global Connect 2010
    26./27. October 2010, Stuttgart, Germany Program

  • Exhibition:
    Religious Energy - About Man and God

    2. October 2010 to 5. June 2011, Dresden, Germany

  • Heidelberger Gespräche zur Rechnungslegung 2010:
    Banks balance sheets - challanges of
    financing medium-sized businesses 
    30. September/ 1. October 2010, Heidelberg, Germany

  • 2nd Annual Islamic Finance Paris Market Meeting
    28. September 2010, Paris, France Program

  • Academy of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation:
    Islamic Economic System and Social Market Economy

    30. September, Berlin, Germany Program
  • 24. Stuttgarter Controller-Forum
    21./ 22. September 2010, Stuttgart, Germany Program

  • PwC Talk: Sharia-compliant life insurance products
    20. September 2010, Munich, Germany Program

  • PwC Talk: Sharia-konforme Lebensversicherungsprodukte
    16. September 2010, Cologne, Germany Program

  • Is another world economy possible?
    11./ 12. June 2010, Bad Boll, Germany Program

  • Panel discussion about prudential treatment of islamic banking in Germany
    11. June 2010, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Program

  • Islamic economic system- an alternative?
    27. May 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany Program

  • 2. Ökumenischen Kirchentag: Business Ethics- "Muslime, Christen und das liebe Geld – Führen religiöse Werte aus der Krise?"
    13. May 2010 Munich, Germany Program

EVENTS 2009:
  • Bafin Conference on Islamic Finance
    29. October 2009, Frankfurt, Germany Program
  • Rechtsanwaltskammer Frankfurt am Main
    World Religions and their Influence on the Legal Systems

    29. October - 31. October 2009, Frankfurt, Germany Program
  • Deutsch-Asiatischer Wirtschaftskreis - Islamic Finance Forum
    16. November 2009, Frankfurt, Germany Program
  • FEI - Banque de detail islamique
    01. Juli 2009, Paris, France Program
  • 2009 Sukuk summit
    02./03. Juli 2009, London, Great Britan Program
  • Islamic Finance
    -A new source of ethical asset
    29. April 2009, Paris, France Program
  • The International Islamic Finance Forum (IIFF)
    26.-30. April 2009, Dubai, United Arabic Emirates Program
  • FEI - European Forum of Islamic Finance
    12./13. Mai 2009, Milan, Italy Program
  • The 5th World Islamic Funds and Capital Markets Conference
    25./26. Mai 2009, Kingdom of Bahrain Program
  • 1. Islamic Finance Conference in Scotland
    02. April 2009 in Edinburgh
  • 6. Deutscher Insolvenzrechtstag 2009
    25. - 27. March 2009, Berlin, Germany Program
  • 3rd Islamic Financial Service Forum
    The European Challenge
    4th March 2009, Paris, France Program
EVENTS 2008:
  • More transparency on the financial markets - how?
    A contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    28.-29. Nov. 2008 in Schmitten Program
  • IIR Islamic Banking Day am 11. November 2008 in Wien. Program

  • First Islamic Real Estate Finance Conference on
    4. und 5. November 2008 in Frankfurt am Main

    • Within the framework of this highlight- conference one comes to know:

      • Core principals and characteristics of Islamic Finance
      • How Islamic concepts differ from conventional
      • What Sukuk, Musharaka und Takaful stand for
      • How much potential for Europe lies in the area of Islamic real estate
      • What demand a Muslim investor has really
      • What legal and tax regulations one has to consider

Especially the Q&A-session with Sheikh Elgari, one of the most renowned Islamic Scholars, who will visit Germany for the first time and could be won for this event by IFIBAF, will be a gem in the highlight- event.Program

Islamic Finance and Real Estate Forum

  • Austrian insurance trend days (ÖVT) from October 20- 22, 2008 in Vienna in Schloss Schönbrunn with the subject Takaful (Islam- compliant life insurance).. Program
  • IIR real estate site 2008 in Frankfurt am Main on August 27 & 28, 2008
    den 27. & 28. August 2008

    • What results are to be expected from the "Experiment Zukunft"(experiment future) in Frankfurt?Program
  • Islamic Banking Symposium hosted by the Sparkassenstiftung on April 16, 2008 in Bonn:

    • Here one finds the Podcast for the subject Islamic Banking on the occasion of the Islamic Banking Symposium on April 16, 2008:Podcast General Anzeiger Bonn
  • 18. Trading day in Worms. Subject: Ethics and economy.

  • Warum tötest du Zaid? (Why do you kill Zaid?)

    • Jürgen Todenhöfer has investigated on site in dangerous conditions and tells the story of the young resistant fighter Zaid in Irak. The book wants to give truth a chance in the face of propaganda.


Workshop "Qualified Islamic Finance Consultant"  24th -27th March 2012 in Dubai



IFIBAF regularly shares the information, knowledge and development of Islamic Finance within the area of Islamic Banking.

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