Der Gesandte Allahs hat gesagt: „Wer auf der Suche nach Wissen hinauszieht, der ist auf dem Wege Allahs, bis er wiederkehrt. (Anas; Tirmidhi)

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Profitability of Gulf Islamic banks to deteriorate in 2017, S&P says

DUBAI: The profitability of Gulf Islamic banks will deteriorate this year and in 2018 with several factors coming into play, S&P Global Ratings said in its report. “We expect the slowdown at Islamic banks in the GCC will persist in 2017 after asset growth declined to 5.3 percent in 2016 from 10.7 percent in 2014 […]

05 Okt

Dana Gas sukuk UK trial adjourned until Thursday after injunction

LONDON – A London High Court judge on Tuesday adjourned until Thursday a trial on the validity of a sukuk, or Islamic bond, issued by UAE company Dana Gas in a case with implications for the global Islamic finance industry. The judge’s decision came after Dana’s lawyers said no progress could be made as their […]

05 Okt

Why green Sukuk could be a key growth driver for Islamic finance

Green bonds have become rapidly popular throughout the world. And now Islamic finance is one of the latest sectors to explore green bonds in order to promote and develop Sharia-compliant financial products to invest in climate change solutions. Green Sukuk are Sharia-compliant investments in renewable energy and other environmental assets. They address Sharia concern for […]

26 Jun

Russia seeks to implement Islamic finance in its banks

The global Islamic finance industry, which is witnessing phenomenal growth rates with expansions in Europe and sukuk listings, will see a new entrant in Russia that hopes to cash in on the substantial Muslim population in the European country. They have already started the process of getting acclimatized with the Islamic finance industry by learning […]

26 Jun

Scharia-konforme Anleihen boomen

Trotz Zinsverbot finden sich in der islamischen Welt «festverzinsliche» Wertpapiere. Sukuk-Bonds werden nun vermehrt auch vom Westen entdeckt. Mit dem arabischen Raum verbindet der hiesige Anleger in der Regel kriegerische Konflikte und Erdölabhängigkeit. Deshalb ist es erstaunlich, dass ein boomendes Finanzprodukt, das keine Korrelation zum Energieträger aufweist, aus ebendieser Region stammt. Der Markt für Sukuk-Anleihen […]

Al Rayan Bank (UK) announces record pre-tax profits

Al Rayan Bank PLC, the UK’s largest Islamic bank by assets and one of the fastest growing banks in the country, today announced record pre-tax profits of £8.2million. The 32% increase in pre-tax profits has been driven by the rapid growth in Bank’s balance sheet which increased by 43% to more than £1.44bn. The results […]

15 Mrz

Universität Straßburg bietet ab sofort ein Diplom in Islamic Finance an

Financial services must tie these three factors together – customer experience, best practices and reliability/responsiveness – to have an effective web presence. They can’t go hard into one particular area and ignore the others. They have to understand what’s available versus their competitors, what consumers think of their sites versus competitors‘ and how their sites are performing.

22 Jan

Sukuk? Bitte was?

In your life, you may have many times facing financial issues. It’s good if you know how to handle it by yourself and have enough time to take care of it. In other cases, it’s time you get a financial consulting service. And the article below will show you those cases.