Der Gesandte Allahs hat gesagt: „Wer auf der Suche nach Wissen hinauszieht, der ist auf dem Wege Allahs, bis er wiederkehrt. (Anas; Tirmidhi)

Unser Team

Zaid el-Mogaddedi
Zaid el-Mogaddedi has been working in the German Financial Services industry for the last 24 years. Prior to IFIBAF he worked for several German Insurance Companies and was Head of the Private Insuring Unit at Credit Suisse Germany. He is appointed among the Top 500 who make the Islamic Finance Economy in the latest Islamica 500 Edition 2019.
Thomas Schwarze is a Senior Banker with a long lasting track record in Wealth Management and Corporate Advisory. Thomas is based in Zurich.
With almost 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, thereof 10 years as a management consultant/project manager.
Abdellatif Naciri
Mr. Naciri is a certified Islamic banking and Sharia‘h professional from the Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in Bahrain and the International Sharia‘h Research Academy in Malaysia.He holds two bachlor degrees in Accounting and Finance from University Ibnou Zhor in Morocco and Marketing from the European Federation of Schools in Switzerland.
Mr. Niazi has studied finance and accounting in Frankfurt and has been working in well-known consulting companies as an adivsor in the financial services industry in Europe and Middle East. He has 8 years experience in financial services industry especially in the Islamic Finance sector.